What the flop is Awasht

A couple of droplets of water was all it took.

Unhinged, off-guard, blind, and admittedly scared.

I have walked through broken streets and I have leapt before looking.

This time however, I was in my element, and I was facing a situation I try to get myself in-and-out-of as often as possible, I am alive.

The mind operates in fascinating ways, fight or flight, sink or swim, eat or be eaten.

I am suddenly transported to the pages of a champion’s life.


“Keep your eyes open.”


Advice I took on board transfers to the board I’m on.

Long before he was “10,” he knew what he wanted to do.  Long before this wave I had a passion, now it inspires me every day.


I’m Jimmy Kakanis, I write, I surf, I skate.

This blog gives me a chance to talk about whatever it is I am doing.  Whether it’s surfing, projects, or merely just writing stuff.

Feel free to comment or question whatever I’ve written.  I love the conversation.


Become awasht… (hah)


4 Responses to What the flop is Awasht

  1. testing this mutherfloppin shotputtttttttt

  2. Good to see ya on the blog scene old mate! Hope you getting some waves back home.

    • Thanks man, yeah I’m enjoying writing and researching about this stuff so I’ma keep doing it haha.. Yeah waves have been sick since I got back, so consistent! Where are you at nowdays?

  3. It’s what you’ve all been waiting for!!!

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