That old cod-wallop

I love it how I seem to keep drifting away from this blog – what with life and all – and then come frantically crawling back with promises of grandeur.

So maybe, this time, I’ll cut the promises (they’re getting a bit tired) and I’ll just get on with whatever it is I’m going to write.

what the fuck is cod wallop

This blog has gone from pro-surf commentary, to anti-surf commentary, to music reviews, to general surf commentary, then I popped in a beer review(?) and now I think it shall be a personal reflection page.  A place for me to do what I originally started blogging for…

To get heaps sick at writing.

I think the only way I’m going to keep my writing skillz fresh (my new job doesn’t give me as much opportunity – though I’m learning a butt-load of other things) is if I write for a public domain.

I can’t write a journal, it feels pointless.  But one thing I want to make very clear is this;


Or maybe it is… Whatever.  I’ll do what I want.

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