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Times change.  Or is it time’s change?  I don’t know, and frankly, I don’t care at the moment – I’ve got slightly more pressing things to ponder…

I’ve decided to use this blog as a-kind-of status reporting system.

I have amassed quite a few projects of late, and I want to give them all justice.  I want accountability, and I want to see action!

Presidential speeches aside, I think this will be a good way for me to utilise this blog more, give me something to talk about on social media again, and get me writing even more regularly.  Practice makes perfect, little ones…

First up, I’ll let you in on my most pride-worthy venture – Cottage Skateboards.

Feni (the most epicist woodworker around town) and I have stepped up our game.  Over the last few weeks we’ve been planning, collecting materials, and generally getting a feel for the whole process of making boards.  But in the last day or two, things have really ramped up.

Firstly, we have a new office/workshop!  In fact, I’m writing this post from the sofa-chair in the corner while I watch over the shaping bay.

Yes, we are totally legit haha.

Here are some photos depicting the transformation of the Rape Dungeon #2, to what it is now, and shall always be known as;  The Cottage Skateboard Headquarters.












Here’s Feni shaping one of his surfboards a few months ago.  And here’s what the office looked like after our first day of “work”






















































I will endeavour to keep you all updated on the progress of Cottage Skateboards.

Let me know if there is anything else you want to know!

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