Ohhhh shit. I’m back.

Blah, blah, blah.  I haven’t been here for you.  Whinge, whinge, whinge.  I left you months ago and now I want to talk.

Sure, you’ve heard it all before.

But seriously babe, I’m a changed man.  I’ve re-assessed my priorities.  Figured out what’s really important in my life.

Yeah… Whatever.


Fine.  Punks…

I’ll show you what I have been working on, rather than make some gay little excuses.


  • I’m entering a short story into this comp – Young Writers Awards 2012
  • I’ve started some (very lucrative) freelance writing gigs – For Kondoot – Zeeco –
  • And started my own Digital Copywriting company – Pixelated Type (open soon)
  • I’m about a quarter of the way through the first draft of my first novel – (Very tentative title – Mel’s Bourne)
  • And lastly, I’ve started development of a downhill skateboarding brand (Cottage Skateboards) – Cottage Skateboards (open soon)


Ok, here are my excuses…

This blog was hacked for a solid two months – Awasht

My music mag (Rave) closed-down after 1047 editions – Rave


Talk soon, yeww.

Any projects you peeps have going on?




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2 Responses to Ohhhh shit. I’m back.

  1. Hey bruzzy good to hear you been getting into the fiction. I’ve wrapped up four short stories so far this year, bit stumped at who’s gonna publish them though…too much swearing and the like. I’m only about 5,000 words through the novel though, finding it hard to find the time to knock it out! Good luck mang.

    • Oh that’s awesome dude! I’d love to read them if you’re willing..

      Maybe we can publish them ourselves! Self-pub is the way to go these days I reckon.

      I’d be happy to help with any edits etc. Peace man. Talk soon

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