Kim Churchill – Detail of Distance review

Kim Churchill – Detail of Distance

Indica Australia / MGM

The young gun of Aussie Blues and Roots releases strong follow up.


The Aussie twang of coastal lad Kim Churchill bellows out in his second album, Detail of Distance.   It doesn’t take long for his earthy stomp-box to get your feet tapping to a rockier style than he’s previously exhibited.

The first half of the album takes this heavier tone, with it all coming to an inspiring and equally uplifting climax during Bathed in Black.

From there, Kim pulls back and starts to show the soft, delicate fingerpicking side that has helped craft his ocean-loving image of a surfie-sweetheart (at least in the eyes of my female friends).

My jealousy, however, is short lived as he proves his worth through several classic, bluesy harmonica solos, especially in the title track, Detail of Distance.

Kim’s experiments with heavier guitar distortions are just the first sign of a confident change, a bigger sound that should translate well to his powerful live performances, which he kicked off at the recent East Coast Blues and Roots Festival.

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