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perth – Babes, Water, Waves

Mixed and Mastered by perth

The glistening sound of a city’s debut


I casually glance over the glowing, sun-drenched valley near my home.  It’s late afternoon and the burning orb is low beyond the hills to the west.  I’m listening to perth’s debut album Babes, Water, Waves (and no, the city has not banded together to produce an album, the band is called perth and they are friends with Tame Impala).

Back to my story.

The deep orange of the sunset is a fitting colour to describe what I’m hearing as my mind starts to wander (not in an “I’m not paying attention,” kind of way, but in a “let’s explore,” manner).

The fuzz of synth and guitar meld with titillating glockenspiel melodies in ‘White Glasgow’ and ‘Original Food’.  Sparing lyrics caress the album’s fabric, adding emphasis to the chillwave style psychedelic-electronica.  The grab-what-you-can-find percussion speckles its way through the line-up and I realise this album has a lot more depth than it originally lets on.

The wind picks up, it’s dark now and I wonder if it will sound as good when I’m curled up under my doona.  I have a sneaking suspicion it will.


You can name-your-price to download the album here

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