Obie Trice – Bottoms Up review

A bit of a past-blast from the dude who has always repped his real name.  I promise you no gimmicks and neither does he.



















OBIE TRICE – Bottoms Up

Fontana International

A reminiscent walk through the old ghetto


From a time when gunshots and Scarface samples were commonplace, comes the rapper who infamously boasted “real names, no gimmicks.”  Obie Trice serves up his first full album since he was shot in the head, and luckily for us, the synapses and cells he uses for rapping weren’t heavily impacted.

Trice’s third studio album, Bottoms Up, brings the feel of late 90s rap back to the modern day.  The familiar recipe of heavily sampled beats, spliced with alternating verses and an easy-to-digest chorus give Bottoms Up a deliciously sentimental flavour.

Trice also brings a couple of old friends to the table.  Production of Bottoms Up’s Intro is handled by none other than the Head Chef of hip hop preparation, Dr. Dre.  The artist who arguably gave Trice his big break, Eminem, produces ‘Going Nowhere’ and provides a couple of snug, in-the-pocket verses in ‘Richard’.

Overall the record holds some decent collaborations (Adrian Rezza and  MC Breed), some decent verses (Going Nowhere, Ups and Downs, Crazy), and decent beats (Intro, Spend the Day, My Time) however it was tough to find a track incorporating each of these ingredients.

It’s worth the trip down memory lane for those so inclined, bust out that old tall-tee, open your old book of rhymes and compare notes.  Interesting in a “where are they now” kind of way.


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  1. Definitely a step in the right direction for Obie Trice. I’m hoping this album gets some positive attention in the media for him. Check out Manik Music’s review…they gave the album an A-!!!!

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