Ichabod’s Crane – Honeydew review

Ichabod’s Crane – Honeydew

Lost Bicycle Records

A trio of cross-legged, cello wielding, folk wonders


While writing the review of the debut album of Brisbane trio, Ichabod’s Crane, I wanted to use words such as; delicate, fragile, pleasant, and innocent.  The album, Honeydew, is those things, however I didn’t want you to think their music was too glossy or sugary.  I didn’t want to laminate their piece of rustic parchment.

The three ladies and their three main instruments of acoustic guitar, cello, and drums, take their cues from the feminine side of the Stone siblings, through cryptic and image-rich lyrics.  Under the canvas of loving, yet starry-eyed vocals and harmonies, the cello provides a wonderful floating gravity.

As quite a minimalistic arrangement, the girls never reach those full-band choruses, though nor do they wish to.

Let me offer you a peculiar parallel; if it were possible for the band Husky to marry another band, I think Ichabod’s Crane would be that beautiful bride.  I look forward to sitting cross-legged at either their next show, or their loving ceremony (honestly I’ll crash both).


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