How to create a pleasantly-indie band name

“Ginger Infuuusion,”

“Ginger fuzz,”

“Fuzz tea,”

“Tea de Fuzz.”

I post my latest brainstorm on the band’s facebook group page.

A take another sip of my honey and ginger tea and think about how many ‘likes’ the lads will bestow upon me for one, or all, of my newest suggestions.


The ‘likes’ never eventuate.

“That’s ok,” I think to myself, “the names were too obvious anyway.”

You see, coming up with an name for a band these days is tough.  There’s not too many out-of-context words you can add ‘The’ to. (Shins, Beatles, National, Kinks).  So I’ll look at the next technique.

The Two Word Name (TWN).

Why is this format so popular with bands?  My guess, because most humans go by the TWN.

For example.

Jimmy Kakanis*

Michael Jackson*


Basically, the technique takes a word out of its comfort zone by adding it to an unrelated word to fuse new meaning.

  • Make sure the new combination purveys some kind of image or feeling.
  • Make sure this image or feeling aligns with the type of music you want to produce
  • And voilà!  Your band has a sufficiently-suitable name.


Hrmm, The Sufficiently Suitables.


There are some rules however.  You must avoid anything relating to any of these themes at all costs:

Angels, Demons, Scream, Satan, Flowers, Love, Monkeys, Colours, Made up words, Controversy, Prepositional Phrases, Numbers, Replacing a letter/letters with a different letter (eg Awasht), Other Intentional Misspelling, Sports, Religions and Other Bands.


Let’s do a little exercise.

Start off with what you can see around you.

There is a ‘Pencil’ on my desk.

Now open the closest book to the 18th page, 18th line, 8th word (The 18188 rule)


Add ‘The’ if it feels appropriate.


And there you have it.

“The Pencil Finish”

Or even.

The Finnish Pencils

Both are perfectly acceptable indie band names.


What is your best indie band name?


SPECIAL BONUS OFFER!  –  If you’re looking for a blues band name, refer to the chart below.


















*Just two seemingly random names that came to me from nowhere in particular and may, or may not be, similarly talented people.

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