Fair Ohs – Everything is Dancing review

Last week I reviewed Fair Ohs – Everything is Dancing.  It’s the first lil bit of published writing I’ve done in about a month so it felt bloomin’ great to get the fingers tapping again.

















FAIR OHS – Everything is Dancing

Honey High Records / MGM

The Fair Ohs drag afro-punk through Cali and London.


When something unique hits your ears, it’s refreshing, eye opening and can even be inspiring. When, years later, you stumble across a similar sound, your expectations tend to be a little higher. You enjoyed the previous interpretation, you’ve had great experiences with it, and maybe you even listened to it in lying embrace with the girl of your dreams?

The pleasant fondness that nostalgia often provides sometimes acts as an obstacle to your future enjoyment of a style.  It’s a tough act to follow and the Fair Ohs have given it an off-beat crack in their Indie-Afropop-punk debut album, Everything is Dancing.

You might guess from the genre description that Vampire Weekend are the forefathers in this case.  You might also wonder how the Fair Ohs are going to fill – whether on purpose or not – the shoes of such a formidable chaperon.

How on Earth are they going to carve a fresh path after Vampire’s blood-lusting self-titled album of 2008?

Well it just so happens that in their attempt, the London three-piece have developed some kind of sun-sapping machine, managing to steal as much vitamin D from gloomy Britain as possible, giving off an illusion of the California surf guitar sound that’s been lapping at our ankles recently.

Their gritty African drum section keeps your feet tapping, but possibly not fast enough to keep you interested in the simple, repetitive, and sparingly catchy lyrics.


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