Injuries are epic!

Raimana taking the Doctors advice and avoiding injury...

We have all been injured in the water. Personally I have dislocated my shoulder twice, sprained my ankle, broken three teeth as well as many reef and fin cuts.

Southern Cross Uni (SCU) has recently completed a study into the frequency and severity of injuries occurred by surfers when surfing.

SCU’s Doc Rudy Meir commented on the need for surfers to warm up properly and drink plenty of fluids before entering the water, before offering some startling facts.

“The evidence we found from the survey of almost 700 hundred surfers suggests that one in four of those in any 12 month period are going to have an injury as a result of their participation in the sport that’s likely to keep them out of the water for an extended period of time,” he said.

ABC covered the original story, this can be found here

I know my friends and I can relate to that. Can you share any of your surfing injury stories?

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2 Responses to Injuries are epic!

  1. Staph infection in Indo 2007. They had to make an incision in my shin to drain all the crap out of it in a Bali hospital! Two months outta the water. Not fun times…Like the new theme mate.

  2. Ouch! 2 months out… that probably hurt more than the actual infection!
    Yeah Theme is starting to work for me, still a few things to fix up. happy travels!

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